Lake Huron Wedding

We all dream about our wedding day right? Location, flowers, bridal party….

For me I had always dreamt of the location, not so much the flowers, bridal party and all the details. I knew I wanted to get married in my hometown. Home is my happy place, where I feel the most myself and at peace. Isn’t it funny how we all believe that where we grew up is the best (well I guess not all of us but nostalgia helps). So anyways, I always knew that I would get married there. Not to mention Lake Huron is about 2 miles from my mom and dad’s house, another location where my heart feels at home.

So, we planned our little hearts out to have a Lake Huron beach wedding in my hometown and the reception at a small golf course that my family is very involved with. Thennnnnnnnnnnnn Corona happened. We were one month away from our big day when the president of the golf course (aka my father) called and said they would not be able to host my wedding reception. So back to the drawing board we went.

With the help of my family, my husbands family and our bridal party, we pivoted. We all got right to work planning a new wedding. We changed the ceremony location to Lighthouse Park in Port Hope Michigan and the reception would now be an outdoor event on my parents front lawn. I kept saying to myself “I just don’t want it to look like a graduation party” and not to toot my own horn, but I think we accomplished the goal of wedding not graduation.

Although it seems like it was an easy transition, I am here to tell you, it wasn’t. We spent the month leading up to the wedding doing ALL THINGS WEDDING 24/7. My heart goes out to all the other Covid brides being faced with this same struggle.

Needless to say, when I look back on our wedding, it was perfect. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know everyone says that about their own wedding, but I feel it in my soul. Although in the moment, shifting and changing our wedding was hard and honestly heartbreaking, I can now look back and know it was all part of our beautiful plan the universe has for us.


Our ceremony was set to kick off at 1:00 P.M. at Lighthouse Park in Port Hope, Michigan on the shore of Lake Huron. I’ve never witnessed the coloring of Lake Huron quite like that day.

Plant Joining Ceremony

In our ceremony planning we knew we wanted to do a unity ceremony unique to us. My husband is a landscaper and so plants were my first thought. We have our parents collect dirt from each of their properties and bring to the ceremony. We had our fathers present the rose plant and our mothers present a cup with dirt in it, as a symbol of joining of the two families. During the ceremony, we added each cup of dirt, then watered the rose together. If you choose to do this at your own wedding, just a helpful hint, **practice dumping the dirt**. I went for it and dumped it all and my husband (the more precise of the two of us) only added as much as it “needed”.

Wedding Party

We debated having a large or small wedding party, but in the end each person in the following photos means so much to us. We couldn’t have the day without them, they are our people.

Head Table

Our florist knocked our head table out of the park! Since we were going to have an outdoor event I knew I wanted our wedding to have a romantic garden feel. I stuck with white and green to keep it classy and timeless. Our head table had eucalyptus, white roses and white hydrangeas. I wanted to maximize my florals, so I assigned someone to be in charge of taking the flowers off our arch at the ceremony and placing them on our head table to add volume. We also had vases with floating candles to add charm to the table.


On your head table, leave enough empty vases (with a tiny bit of water) that are spread out evenly. When the bridal party arrives, have them each place their boutique in one of the empty vases. This not only adds height to your table, but also gets double use out of those florals! You can see the empty vases on the third picture below, this picture was taken before wedding party arrived.

Here you can see the table after the boutiques were added to the empty vases.

Name Plates on Head Table

Since we had a beach wedding I did want to add a touch of beach to our head table. I found ‘LettersfromEden’ on Etsy who does calligraphy on sea glass. You’re probably thinking, ‘Hey Lindsey, can’t you write in calligraphy and do that yourself’. Yes, I could have, but remember how we had to change everything within a month– so I outsourced!

Guest Tables

I intentionally wanted our guest tables to be more simplistic because I wanted our head table to be the focus. So, I mimicked the eucalyptus from the head table and put them on the guest tables each with three vases.

Cake Table

Our cake table, again, was very simple. We used the smaller floral arrangement from our ceremony arch to put on the cake table ( I love a good multi-use floral). The sign “You’re simply the best, better than all the rest” came from one of our wedding songs. Yes, I know it was originally a Whitney Houston song, butttttt we are big Schitt’s Creek fans. We even used the Noah Reid version of Simply the Best as the song our wedding party danced too.

Signage & Guest Table

Bar Area

Again, the quick change of plans left us without a bar space. Luckily, I knew someone in town that had offered her bar to me before so we were able to rent it and set it up right inside our garage. Thankfully, the bar aesthetic fit right into my romantic garden theme. I added a fake eucalyptus garland and my fabric bar sign to dress it up for the occasion.

Tent & Dance Floor Decor

I hope you enjoyed my wedding day photos as much as I did.


Have you ever searched and searched for the perfect headboard? No, well that was my last sixish months. I thought I wanted a metal one because ya know they are so trendy right now, but I then realized I wanted a more classic headboard.

So the search was on once again and I found one, but the price tag was well… expensive. So off to Pinterest I went, and came up with a plan to make it myself.


  • (2) 1×4’s
  • (1) 1/2 inch thick plywood
  • A set of two linen curtains
  • (1) One inch thick mattress pad
  • 3 ft of batting
  • Staple Gun
  • 1/2 inch screw

Step 1:

Cut down large plywood to make your wings, and the back of the head board. Below is my plan and the board cut up.

Step 2:

Assemble the wings of the headboard. You will need the two 55″ long pieces, two 48″ long pieces and the two 7″ pieces. I took one of the longest pieces and put it on bottom. Then put the shorter piece and put it directly on top, and finish the top layer with the smaller 7″ piece. You can see it in the picture below. I then used wood glue to secure them and I screwed them together for extra measure.

Step 3:

To attach the wing later, you will need to add the 1×4 to the edge of the doubled up pieces you’ve already made. I set the 1×4 up against the wing part already put together and measured out how long it was. I then cut down the 1×4 to be the same size. Finally, I attached the 1×4 to the edge with screws. You will repeat this process to create two wings.

Step 4:

Once all the pieces were cute and put together I was able to start upholstering the wings. I used the fabric batting to go around the plywood part of the wing. I left the 1×4 un upholstered because it will be hidden behind the main headboard anyway. Below is a video of how I put the batting on the wings.

After putting the batting on, I put long strips of the linen curtain and used that to wrap around the wings. I used the same process that I did for the fabric batting.

Step 5:

To upholster the main part of the headboard I added a bit more fluff. I used a twin size mattress pad and attached that to the plywood first. The mattress pad was a little to long, so I had to cut it down to size. I left about 1-2 inch overlap so it would make the edges more rounded. To attach the mattress pad, I used an adhesive spray but it didn’t hold up as well as I hoped. I then cut the fabric batting bigger so I could wrap around the back to hold the mattress pad in place. Then I used a staple gun to attach. Leaving the top edge unstapled will allow me to later wrap it over the top of the wings for a more finished look.

Step 6:

Attaching the wings. This part was a tad difficult and if I made this headboard again, I would have a different plan of attach. Regardless, here is what I did this time. First, I took the main part of the headboard and flipped it over to the back. Then, I used clamps to put the 1×4 (the exposed wood part) part of the wing onto the back. This allowed me to drill in holes and then screw it together without extra help. Beware, drilling through fabric or batting is rough. The fabric tends to hold onto the bit and not allow you to be able to pull the drill bit out. If I were to do this part again, I would plan exactly where to drill and cut the fabric back at that point. Never the less, I persisted and accomplished my task. I mean whats a project without a little learning.

Step 7:

Finally, pull the top flap over the 1×4 wings and attach to the back of the headboard. This will create a nice finished look.

I can’t wait to see you try this out, if you do be sure to tag me so I can celebrate with you!! If you have any questions message me on instagram.