Christmas Countdown

Welcome to the Inspired by the Holiday DIY Hop

Welcome to the Inspired by the holiday DIY Hop! I bet you are coming from my
friend Jenna’s page where she made amazing Jenna’s Wood Christmas Tree Triangles!

Christmas Countdown

I know, I know, its only October… but this year, I am actually excited for the holiday season!

The truth of the matter is that the holiday season will be here before we know it and if your like me life gets a *little* crazy and I don’t have time to create. So, I’m jumping on all my holiday creations early!

This Christmas countdown is a very easy project that can be done in a various amount of ways. If you do not own a Cricut or vinyl don’t fret, this project could be done by using stencils and paint.


+ Linen Dishcloth (I got mine from Joann Fabric in a three pack)
+ Iron-on Vinyl
+ Small Piece of Felt

If you do not have a Cricut:

+ Linen Dishcloth
+ Stencils (can also be found at Joann Fabric)
+ Acrylic Paint
+ Sponge Brush

Step One

First, I made my design on my Cricut Design Space Software. I originally wanted my countdown to say “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”, but my Cricut wasn’t able to cut the small letters. So I pivoted and later added the word countdown (you will see later). I use Cricut iron on vinyl. If you do have a Cricut and plan on doing iron on vinyl pleaseeee forrr the love of all things…… MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR MIRROR OPTION ON. So, if your like huh? What the heck does that mean? Well, iron on vinyl cuts on the back of the vinyl, you then flip it over and iron it on. SOOOOOO if you do not mirror before you cut, your image will be backwards. This has happened more times than I would like to admit.

Step Two

Next, I cut out and arranged the pieces. Here is where if you are using stencils, you will need to arrange your stencils how you want them.

I tested out a few different options but later landed on just a simple countdown arrangement.

I tested out a few different options but later landed on just a simple countdown arrangement. As you can see there is a plastic film on the vinyl. Make sure that the plastic side is up.

Step Three

Next, I used my Cricut Press to Iron on my letters and numbers. Sometimes with thin letters, it is hard to get them to iron on. Pro- Tip, iron them on, then let them semi cool before you peel off the plastic part. I have been the victim of impatience far to often and ended up peeling the whole number off.

If you are going the paint route, this is the time where you would use your sponge brush and paint on your stencils.

Step Four

I didn’t have any circle tracers so I grabbed the top to a mason jar to make a circle on my felt. After I drew the large circle I flipped the jar lid over and traced the inner part to make a smaller circle.

And done, now you have a cute wall decor piece, plus a fun Christmas Countdown!


Follow along with our holiday tour by jumping to my friend Morgan’s page, as she creates an easy and affordable DIY Fresh Magnolia Wreath!

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2 responses to “Christmas Countdown”

  1. This is so great! And simple! Do you love the Cricut? I’m thinking of upgrading my silhouette.


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